Garden Terrorists! 😉
Stop being poisoned! Stop supporting the corruption!
Take their power away and grow your own food. We fight them with seeds! We win our wars with carrots and broccoli.

We worship food gardens and it is our religious practice to grow and provide food from our home and local lands. Gardens give off energy and nourish us we will garden our way to the garden gods Al Falfa and Tom Atao.

Mission (This is a new religion details are being worked on between me and the garden spirits that visit me in my dreams)

1. No lawns! a garden in every front yard.
2. Reclaim unused land as community gardens.
3. Store and collect all varieties of natural, organic and non GMO seeds for distribution.
4. Educate on all aspects of gardening naturally and food independence.
5. Resources: links, videos, info, how to and more

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